Collection: Trimtex x Challenge Roth

Competition is closed!
Win an entry to Challenge Roth. Challenge Roth may be sold out, but there's still a chance you could be there on the 25th June, 2023. We're giving away three entries to one of Europe's most iconic venues for triathlon. You won't want to miss it.

Want to race Roth?

Challenge Roth is one of the most iconic triathlons in the world. Not least because of the spectacular views from the course, but the race is attended by crowds of people every year ready to cheer you on through every stroke, pedal and stride.

As a proud main sponsor, Trimtex has three slots available for the 2023 event. One Individual entry and two Team Relay entries. Therefore, we are now searching for three athletes to experience this iconic event with us.

Simply fill out the form below and remember to tick the box with your preferred way to race Roth.

Read more about Challenge Roth on their website

Individual or Team?

Stiil deciding? Here's what you'll need to know...

Entering to race as an Individual? Take on one of the biggest triathlon events of the year, solo. The winner will need to be available to race Challenge Roth on the 25th June, 2023.

Entering to race the Team Relay? Take on the Challenge Roth course with two of your friends. The winner will be required to find two athletes to complete the Challenge Roth relay course with them, on the 25th June, 2023.

*Please note that we will not cover transport, accommodation or travel costs involved.

Competition closed. Winners announced soon.