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When you want to ski fast on cold days.
Element collection
Element collection

On ice-cold winter days, it might be tempting to skip the planned ski trip. But you won't let the cold temperatures stop you, will you? Especially not when you know that the piste machine has been out all morning preparing several miles of new cross-country ski tracks. Your clothes can handle all the elements, so it's all about getting dressed. You've done it many times before, and you know very well how to do it. Layer by layer from the inside and out. Wool underwear first, then a warming and isolating layer. Finish up with your favourite ski jacket that you know is perfect for any ice-cold day when you want to ski fast. It protects against all kinds of weather and provides great ventilation and motion range. Beanie, gloves, and a neck, and you'll be ready; as easy as ABC.

It is bitterly cold, but you know it was worth it from the start. Perfect, sparkling ski trails, the snow is crunching beneath you, and you're one of the first people out today. You're whizzing in, out, and up, all alone in the white winter wonderland. Great grip and a perfect slide. What a great feeling.

Element Plus Jacket

Performance and comfort

A warm and isolated ski jacket. Its soft and elastic softshell material provides great freedom of movement and a good fit. The ski jacket has a large ventilating panel on the back, and mesh panels under the sleeves to ensure great ventilation during high-intensity activities. The material is also wind and water-repellent.

Element Plus Pants

Snug yet breathable fit

These tailored and tight-fitting ski pants have a light and elastic softshell material. The pants are lined, wind-repellent, and highly water-repellent in the front. The back of the ski pants has an elastic and breathable material. The pants are perfect for both running and cross-country skiing on cold days. They are available with a full-length zip or ¾-length on the sides.

Element Plus Vest

Flexible training vest made for the outdoors

Isolated training vest for skiing, running, football, and other outdoor activities. The vest has a slim fit, and it has elastic panels on the sides to provide full mobility and a very good fit. The vest is made of a soft and flexible softshell material that is both wind and water-repellent.