Collection: The new Insane series

Our Insane suit is launched under our new dedicated premium triathlon brand, Surpas. Check out Surpas and our first ever race suit available in fully individual custom design for one.
The Insane Collection

Simply because it’s insane.

World records, Olympic gold, and World champion titles. The Insane suit was created with a high focus on performance. It’s all about the small details that can make a huge difference on race day.

The fastest race suit ever
“From intensive testing we have done in field, velodrome and wind tunnel, we have seen improvements of 3.5% on average and above 8% peak under specific conditions for Kristian in the Insane Speedsuit.” Olav Alexander Bu, Sport Scientist & Olympic Coach

This is based conditions very similar to Kona with speeds of 40-44km/h and a combination of different wind directions (yaw angles).

The lightest on the market
The Insane series are pioneering and are the lightest weight suits on market. The suits have state-of-the-art fabric made of a lightweight woven elastane polyester blend to give the lowest possible weight while keeping maximum recovery and stability.

Proven aerodynamic performance
Ground-breaking aerodynamic performance. Structured fabrics and turbulators were added to the sleeves and shoulders for documented and enhanced aerodynamic performance.

Documented thermoregulating performance
Revolutionary cooling performance compared to competitor suits and technology. The research and development performed against the Tokyo Olympics resulted in suit technology that gives the lowest skin temperature and the highest heat flux values recorded, indicating the Insane suit gave the best heat dissipation performance in Tokyo.  

In other words, simply insane and the fastest race suit ever.

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Insane Skinsuit – created with one goal in sight

The story about the Insane Skinsuit, or the Tokyo Suit as we first called it, started with our Tokyo Project leading up to the Tokyo Olympics 2020, together with the Norwegian National Triathlon Team. We had already worked closely together with the Norwegian Triathlon Federation (NTF) for some years, and together we had created the Torq Suit - which made history with a podium sweep in Bermuda in 2018 – and showed the world that what the Norwegian triathletes were capable of.

Our new project had one goal in sight: Olympic gold in Tokyo, and we created the Insane Skinsuit for the Olympics in close collaboration with the athletes.

Our focus was on maximum performance – with comfort and speed during all three disciplines. We wanted to develop a suit that could handle the heat and humidity the athletes were expected to meet on race day. We continuously improved the first prototype, until we found the perfect balance between aerodynamics, hydrophobics, flexibility, fit and comfort.

And we all know how it went on race day. In 2021 Kristian Blummenfelt impressed the whole triathlon world by winning the gold in Tokyo in a convincing way. In the heat and humidity, he put together the race of a lifetime and got to experience the moment he had envisioned for 10 years. Both him and the whole team was wearing the Insane Skinsuit – a suit that created headlines and made people talk in the triathlon community. The white, thin, transparent fabric had some people rolling their eyes. Even our developers and designers had serious doubts when we were testing the first prototypes. We all agreed on one thing: “This is pretty insane”. But, with that said – we only had one goal in sight. We wanted to create the best performing triathlon suit for the Olympics. How it looked had to come second. It was all about performance.

Insane Speedsuit – created for breaking records

After the Olympics we started to develop the Insane Speedsuit to be able to back Kristian Blummenfelt with a long-distance version of the suit on his first attempt on the Ironman distance. He wanted to give it a go in Ironman Cozumel in Mexico in November 2021 – a place where he would be up against the same heat and humidity as in Tokyo. We also developed the suit even further on aerodynamics, and his debut was beyond fantastic.

He proved what a complete triathlete he is, as he made his first-ever full-distance Ironman race one to remember. The Olympic champion won Ironman Cozumel with a time of 7:21:12, setting a new world record time for a full-distance event covering a 2.4-mile swim (3,86km), 112-mile bike (180,2km) and 26.2-mile run (42,2km)

Ever since Kristian Blummenfelt took the gold medal in Tokyo, he has been wearing the Insane suit – and here’s what he and our other ambassadors have accomplished wearing this suit:

Kristian Blummenfelt:

• Olympic Champion in Tokyo 2021.

• WTCS World Champion, Edmonton 2021.

• Victory and the world record on the Ironman distance in Ironman Cozumel 2021 (7:21:12).

• Ironman World Champion in St. George, Utah May 2022.

• Project Sub 7 June 2022: The first-ever athlete to complete a sub-seven-hour Iron Distance triathlon, finishing the race in 6:44:26.

• Ironman World Champion in St. George, Utah October 2022.

Other ambassadors:
• Lisa Norden and Laura Siddall wore the suit when they came in as number 6 and 7 at the Ironman World Championship in St. George, Utah May 2022.

• Simone Mitchell claimed gold in Ironman Wales, August 2022.

• All athletes representing the Norwegian and the Swedish national team including Frida Månsson when she claimed gold in the 2022 World Triathlon Cup in Bergen August 28th.

• Kristian Blummenfelt, Maurice Clavel, Laura Siddall, Lisa Norden, Simone Mitchell and a handful of our age group ambassadors wore the Insane Speedsuit at Ironman World Championship 2022 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Questions about Insane

Will the suit be available as ready-to-wear?

The suits and the calf sleeves will be available as both ready to wear in our web shop and as custom design for one! Design your dream race suit yourself or together with one of our experienced designers.

How much does it cost?

Insane tri suit prices are from 500 Euros.

Final price of your suit depends on customised factors.

When you sign up to pre-order within 6 weeks you wll recieve information via email on the full process including design, cost, payment and delivery date. All suits ordered before end of 2022 will have a delivery of March 2023.

Can I get this custom for one?

The suits and the calf sleeves will be available as customised for one. Work with out designers to create your dream suit. Sign up to pre-order today.