Collection: Instinct collection

Do you need a jacket and a pair of pants you can use when running and skiing in rough autumn and winter weather? The Instinct collection might be just what you're looking for.
Instinct collection
Instinct collection

Do you ever feel the need to go skiing just by the sight of newly prepped tracks? Or have you ever felt an immediate wish to run with fast and light steps along a newly discovered trail that winds further into the forest? And if you encounter an obstacle, you'll elegantly swirl away. It's as if the body knows what to do before you can even think. It's an inner driver –almost like a natural instinct.

The Instinct collection consists of premium models made for everyone who needs a jacket and a pair of trousers to wear both when skiing and running. The all-year favourite Instinct jacket and trousers are perfect whether you're running in rough spring or autumn weather – or giving it all during an interval session in newly prepped ski tracks during the winter.
The jacket and pants are protective, light, flexible, and extremely breathable, and are therefore more than suitable for your most intense workout sessions. When you want to give it all – and have full freedom of movement.

Instinct Jacket

Super lightweight and breathable jacket to empower high paced runs in colder conditions.

Instinct 2.0 Jacket

A technical and light training jacket for winter that protects against rain, wind, and snow. Laser-cut holes and four-way stretch on the back and under the arms ensure moisture transportation and flexibility.

This premium jacket is optimal for winter running but also perfect for intense workout sessions on the ski tracks.

Instinct Pants

Super lightweight and breathable pants to empower high paced runs in colder conditions.

Instinct 2.0 Pants

Pants without isolation developed for all who need functional and tight-fitting trousers for cloudy and cold weather where you want more protection than what a pair of tights will offer. Perfect all year round: early spring, autumn, and winter.

Ultra-light protection in the front, and four-way stretch material on the back to ensure great freedom of movement for when you're running and/or skiing. Due to its versatility, this all-round premium model will quickly become a favourite.