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Designed to match the high demands of three disciplines and the expectations of the triathletes themselves.
Torq collection
Torq collection

Torque is what triathlon is all about. A twisting force to propel you forwards in the water, the cause of rotation to produce highest possible power output on the pedal and the secret of effective running. With this in mind, we designed the tri suit to match the high demands of three disciplines and the expectations of the athletes themselves.

In close collaboration with the Norwegian Triathlon Federation (NTF) we continuously improved the first prototype, which made history with a podium sweep on Bermuda, until we found the perfect balance between hydrophobics, flexibility, fit and comfort. Athletes fight for margins, and we have no doubt that the result will be the empowering force to give you the edge on race day.

Torq Skinsuit

The Torq suit is purposefully designed to empower triathletes on race-day and most of us share these experiences with our club and training mates. Therefore, we opted only for fully customizable fabrics without sacrificing functionality. This gives you the opportunity to design the Torq for your team mates as you wish.

The swim

"You can't win a race in the water, but you can definitely lose it".

Therefore, no compromises in hydrodynamics. The first discipline is decisive and the triathletes of the NTF demanded only the most hydrophobic fabrics which gives just enough flexibility to glide smoothly through the water, without any restrictions.

Hydrophobic literally means “the fear of water” and describes the capacity of repelling water. Athletes fight for margins to catch the first bike group and we have no doubt that this suit will give you the edge in the water.

The First Transition
You're thinking: "Don't lose time”. Meanwhile we're thinking: "The suit should lose as much water as possible to get you as light and dry as possible on your bike." Yet again, the hydrophobic fabrics play the crucial role. We included the pad and the cuff as well in our approach, which are made of quick-dry properties.

The bike

We fitted the suit extremely tight. Not only to eliminate unnecessary drag in the water, but also to be as aerodynamic as possible. Our partner, leading pad and performance specialist Elastic Interface, delivers a completely new developed tri pad made of recycled fabrics.

Reducing pressure peaks, occurring especially in the aerodynamic tri position, is as important as providing superior elasticity, maximum breathability, and quick dry properties.

The Second Transition
Finding the balance between being fast and being calm, focused on details and your competitor, is a challenge no matter how good these routines have been practiced.

Getting off the bike, fiddling your bike into the rack, lacing the shoes, grabbing a gel, bike helmet off and full gas out of transition whilst unzipping the suit. Our Torq suit is designed to make these transitions as smoothly as possible. 

The run

The triathletes of the NTF worked hard towards one goal: The Olympics in Tokyo.

They knew the conditions would be brutal, especially the temperature and humidity, and that breathability and moisture transfer would play a crucial role on the run. They need a suit with a fabric that ventilates extremely well.

The Details

Durability is our endurance sport and an important part of our sustainability approach. Every detail must serve a purpose and strengthen the product.

Studiophoto of triathlete wearing torq skinsuit from Trimtex
Studiophoto of triathlete wearing torq skinsuit from Trimtex
Detailed studiophoto of pocket on the lower back of the torq skinsuit from Trimtex
Detailed studiophoto of the elastic band across the zipper on the back of the Torq skinsuit from Trimtex.

Details with purpose

An inner cuff over the zipper and a neck guard, made from the very same hydrophobic fabric, makes chafing a thing of the past.

The elastic band across the zipper gives you the opportunity to zip up the suit yourself and increases the durability of the zipper.

Nutrition is key, no matter the distance, and the pocket on the lower back keeps you covered. Stretchy and big enough to fuel you with necessary gels which are kept locked and safe yet easy accessible from both sides.