Collection: Venom collection

A cycling kit that matches the challenging demands of the nordic grit.
Venom collection
Venom collection

Riding in the Nordic grit is just amazing and breathtaking. But at times, the beauty can turn into a grey wall of rain, wind and fog in an instant - especially in Scandinavia.

We have felt the ever-changing conditions on our bodies and faces in over 40 years. We know the feeling when snowflakes turn into ice cold rain on your commute, eventually finding its way on your skin and numbness spreads from your hands, feet and head to your core. These, sometimes cruel, experiences gave us the unique opportunity to learn, develop and adapt our approach to create a cycling collection that matches the demands. Holding on to our values, being bold, agile, open and responsible.

Venom Jacket

The expectation to have one jacket for all is unrealistic. We dedicated this jacket for rides down to minus five degrees, balancing breathability, and waterproofness with a tight fit, flexible enough to be very comfortable to wear even after hours riding in the Nordic grit.

Trimtex triathlete wearing Venom cycling jacket in brown.


Reaching the handlebar, especially for aerodynamic positions with a huge drop demands flexibility. Not only of your hamstrings and lower back. Keeping rain on the outside is one thing. Transporting sweat and moisture vapour away something else. Therefore, we implemented a breathable and elastic panel under the arms with a brushed inside to keep you warm and the elements at bay.

The cuff uses a flexible yet durable fabric snugging around tightly your wrist or your glove. Reflective details allow you riding in low light. Three large pockets on the back provide enough space for food, accessories, and bike tools. We have reinforced the seams and the opening of the pockets as these parts are exposed for wear and tear. The flap on your lower back protects you from water and keeps you dry from the back wheel.

A chin guard ensures a close and comfortable fit even when you're wearing a neck or a high collared jersey, like our Victory Merino jersey, underneath.

Venom RS Jacket

Back shot of women's Venom cycling jacket by Trimtex


This cycling jacket is also a vest, which means the sleeves are attached with zips and can be taken off and on as needed. Here you get a jacket and waistcoat, all in the same product. Super practical for those who ride all year round.

Venom Shirt

Protection where needed for days with unpredictable weather conditions. Riders will appreciate the strategically placement of different fabrics across the shirt on race-day or intense training sessions on mild winter days or colder weather. Perfect in combination with our removable accessories.

The front
The front areas most exposed for wind, is protected by a windproof and water-resistant fabric. The lightweight and highly breathable fabric used for the core and covering the whole back comes handy when chasing your mates on a hard climb.

The back
Reinforced seams strengthen the three pockets on the back so that you can pack them as heavy as you want. We extended the back with a flap to protect you against spray from your back wheel and added reflective details to be seen when riding in the dark.

Venom Vest

A protective and light layer for cooler rides which fits tight and packs away small.Riders in the Nordic grit often encounter a wide range of conditions, so a lightweight layer that is both warm and packable is essential.Reflective details strategically placed to be seen in the darkness of the winter period.

Trimtex Venom cycling vest in white
Trimtex Venom cycling vest in white
Triathlete cycling in Trimtex Venom cycling vest
Female cyclist wearing Trimtex Venom cycling vest

The front

We fitted the vest tight, but left some space so that you can layer together with a wide range of jerseys or jackets. Even the higher collar leaves you with the opportunity to wear a neck or jacket beneath the vest using a comfy and flexible fabric.

We extended the panel on the chest with a highly protective fabric over to the shoulders to
give wind no chance when you are tucked down in an aerodynamic position.

Female cyclist in Venom cycling vest from Trimtex
Female cyclist in Venom cycling vest from Trimtex
Male cyclist on bike showcasing Venom cyclist vest
Ventilation pannel on back of Venom cycling vest by Trimtex

The back

We have added a zipper to either side of the back, making it easy to access the pockets of your jacket or jersey wearing underneath the vest.

​In addition to the lightweight and breathable fabric, we have added laser-cut holes at the back for increased moisture management which helps you transfer moisture and heat away from your core. 

Venom Pants

We have many Scandinavian winters with thousands of kilometers lying behind us. Many evolutions. Many adaptions. The result makes us proud and confident that you will stay warm and comfy on your long rides or commutes during winter.

Unpadded Trimtex Venom cycling pants
Unpadded Trimtex Venom cycling pants
Triathlete Hans Christian Tungesvik cycling in Trimtex Venom collection
Men's Venom cycling pants without padding


The unpadded pants use a high-stretch fabric, with a brushed inside, to protect against the cold, while an extended panel on the back covers the kidneys and adds warmth.

Venom Bib Shorts

With the success of our Venom pants we had the goal to design a versatile shorts for a big temperature range. Combined with our leg or knee warmers you are protected from the cold and flexible enough if the sun comes out.

Male cyclist on bike showcasing Venom cyclist vest
Triathlete wearing Trimtex Venom cycling vest, bib shorts and jacket.


Made of the same windproof and water-resistant fabric as the pants, the shorts comes with a wide non-slip elastic cuff around the thighs.

The padding, gender-specific designed, comes from the Italian based Elastic Interface, the performance specialist within the industry.

It is moulded and has zones of varying densities for the best possible protection while at the same time providing you the best possible mobility.