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Congratulations to the class of Norseman 2023!
We are already getting ready for 2024 and want to help you be as race-ready as possible, whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned pro. Check out our Norseman kit list packed with the essentials you'll need to race in the Nordic Grit.

Trimtex & Norseman - the perfect match

Trimtex have been working with the Norseman organization for four years, and in 2021 we became a main sponsor of the event. There are many reasons to why we clicked from the very start. Important keywords are the love of the Nordic nature and weather, the focus on sustainability, science – and, last but not least, the love of triathlon.

"Since 1976 we have developed and manufactured premium technical sportswear for the Nordic grit. Shaped by the toughest Nordic conditions, we dress hardcore athletes doing both triathlon, cross-country skiing, running, cycling and orienteering. We do this with the support of fierce testing in collaboration with professional athletes and engineers, research and the most advanced production technologies.‌ However, as a garment maker we take our responsibility towards the environment seriously. We recognize our responsibility to nature and strive to cause less harm. Our drive is to offer head-on functional garments and for the same garments to be the sustainable choice within our market. This is a vision we share with Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, and we are proud to be a part of a hard core, legendary and inspiring event like this."

Ole Kristian Augland, Director of Product and Brand Trimtex‌

This is how you dress for Norseman.

The Norseman experience is like no other and if you fail to prepare, well…prepare to fail. Cold water, steep accents and extreme weather conditions, Norseman is not for the faint hearted. High quality, high performance sportswear crafted by experts, Trimtex products were made for the Nordic grit. Products shaped by the toughest Nordic conditions and perfect for Norseman.

These are our recommendations for your Norseman kit list, from the race suit to the finish line essentials. This is how you dress for Norseman.

Part I: The Race Suit

An integral part of your kit for any race, but Norseman is no ordinary race. Norseman requires a race suit with unrivalled performance and comfort.

How important is the race suit?
A race of Norseman’s magnitude requires a race suit designed with performance and comfort in mind. 226km and an average completion time around 11 hours (all of which are spent in your race suit), comfort is key to finishing this race and any performance features will go a long way on Norseman’s unique terrain and conditions.

Our recommendation, the Pursue LD Suit, and here’s why.
Made with passion by experts in Norway, Surpas suits are engineered to win. The suits hydrophobic fabric is developed for an effective swim with less drag and a quick dry effect, making the Pursue an excellent option under your wetsuit. Made with a very durable fabric the suit is ideal for the unique terrain and conditions that make up Norseman. Two back pockets for gels and nutrition and a top-quality long distance triathlon padding, round this suit off as the perfect suit for Norseman.
If you want to take it one step further, the Pursue and Insane Calf Sleeves are strategically designed for an aerodynamic effect to help you save precious time on the bike and run.

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Part II: The Cycling Kit

As you come out of T1 your cycling kit couldn't be more important. Going head-to-head with the Nordic grit can be challenging, especially when the conditions aren't favourable.

A cycling kit that matches the demands of the Nordic grit.
Riding in the Nordic grit is a breath-taking experience, but we know first-hand just how quickly conditions can change. Your cycling kit must be able to cope with this. You’ll need kit that keeps you warm for the entirety of the bike course and kit that’s flexible to help you handle the challenging Norseman landscape.

The Venom range. Made for the Nordic grit.
Our Venom range is dedicated for rides down to minus 5 degrees, balancing breathability and waterproofness. Comfortable to wear even after hours riding in the Nordic grit and great protection from those strong side winds blowing in from the fjords. Coming out of T1 is often when athletes feel at their coldest, so staying warm in this situation is key. Our Venom arm, leg and knee warmers are ideal in this situation and for making a good start to the bike.

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Part III: The Running Kit

The final part of the race, but by no means is the race over. You need the right gear to help you navigate the upcoming marathon in the Nordic grit. Luckily for you, few people are as familiar with the Norwegian landscape as we are.

What you need for the final stretch.
A steep accent for the final 4km is a lot of elevation in a short space of time and it’s easy to quickly feel the drop in temperature. With the tiredness really settling in, keeping the body warm is key. A jacket providing that extra layer of warmth may be needed.

Our answer, The Fast jacket.

Superlight windbreaking fabric protects athletes racing in the Nordic grit against the strong side winds at high altitude. Reflective details across the front of the jacket make you more visible in low light or fog. The Fast jackets freedom of movement and breathability will help you match the demands of the Norseman course and landscape, especially when navigating through uneven terrain and the last 4km of Norseman.

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Part IV: Finish Line Essentials

These are some post-race must have items. The elevation makes the air a lot colder and you should make sure you or your aid team pack these.

It’s tough at the top.
Finishing the race with 226km of swim bike and run in your legs, the last thing you’ll want to be when you cross the finish line is cold. The conditions at the finish are notoriously chilly and gusty due to the elevation, so it’s worth making sure you have the right gear ready to throw on post-race.

Our recommendations.
Whether you pack these in your bag or have your aid team bring these to the finish, here are a few recommendations from us.

Our Flex Shirt LS or Core Ultralight Shirt LS, can be worn as an outer-layer or as a mid-layer underneath one of our Storm Light down Hoodie. You won’t regret bringing both.

A pair of longer pants are a must have item at the finish and either our Trainer 2.0 Pants or Instinct 2.0 Pants are ideal to help you adjust to the temperature and help keep your lower body comfortable, especially after enduring such a challenging race.

Our Neck tubes have a soft and warm inner lining, making all the difference when the weather takes a turn for the worse, which isn't unusual in the Nordic grit.

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